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November 21, 2023

Popeyes® Drops New Creative Campaign: We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Popeyes® drops its new creative campaign, “We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken,” available to view here. The campaign brings the magic of the brand’s hometown of New Orleans to serve as the catalyst to tell a rich story about Popeyes culinary credentials. Leveraging the brand’s Louisiana heritage, the new spots focus on the slow, time-honored, homemade traditions of Southern cooking that contribute to the delicious crunch and robust Cajun flavors served to guests every day. From 12-hour marination, to hand battered and hand breaded in restaurant, to frying up our signature chicken fresh - it often doesn’t make sense, but as the campaign notes, these unique cooking techniques helps make Popeyes chicken great.

As the chicken category continues to grow and popularity among consumers increases, Popeyes new campaign differentiates itself among competitors and sets the stage for the brand’s future. Popeyes birthplace, New Orleans, provides the perfect backdrop to tell its heritage story and highlight its food quality, culinary credibility, and great taste.

“New Orleans is our spokesperson,” said Jeff Klein, Chief Marketing Officer of Popeyes. “There is a clear and powerful story about how Popeyes makes its food in true NOLA fashion – with high-quality ingredients, slow marination, Cajun spices, and battered by hand. Our new campaign shifts from a user-generated content model to content that spotlights the vibrancy and culture of our birthplace. This campaign is not just about our great-tasting food – it’s about the history and traditions behind it. It’s about why it’s easy to love Popeyes.”

Consumers will also have the opportunity to engage with the campaign by searching for Poppy, the Popeyes Chicken icon, within the interactive commercial available on the Popeyes website.

“At first glance it might not make sense to hand batter and bread our chicken in a quick-service environment, but if you were to remove our traditions, then you would remove the heart and soul, crunch, and culture of the brand. The techniques we use that make the least amount of sense are what help us to stand out the most, and I am proud that this new campaign captures that point,” said Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America.

Created in partnership with Popeyes new creative agency of record, McKinney, the campaign will launch digitally in May followed by out-of-home and television executions unveiled nationwide in June.

To view and to learn more about the “We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken” campaign, please visit

About Popeyes®

Founded in New Orleans in 1972, Popeyes® has more than 50 years of history and culinary tradition. Popeyes® distinguishes itself with a unique New Orleans style menu featuring spicy chicken, chicken tenders, fried shrimp, and other regional items. The chain's passion for its Louisiana heritage and flavorful authentic food has allowed Popeyes® to become one of the world's largest chicken quick service restaurants with over 3,300 restaurants in the U.S. and around the world. To learn more about the brand, please visit the Popeyes® brand website at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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